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149,79 EUR*
Details Human-Centered Software Engineering - Integrating Usability in the Software Development Lifecycle: Integrating Usability in the Software Development ... (Human–Computer Interaction Series, Band 8)

Human-Centered Software Engineering - Integrating Usability in the Software Development Lifecycle The fields of HCI and Software Engineering have evolved almost independently of each other until the last decade, when it became apparent that an ...

66,29 EUR*
Details E-Commerce Usability: Tools and Techniques to Perfect the On-line Experience

Top performing dotcoms share a common feature. It isn't a new software plug-in or a design gadget or any other piece of technology. These sites share a passionate focus on usability. This book is written by an international usability consultant ...

49,00 EUR*
Details Human Cognition and Usability of Tourism Portals: seeing the web through different eyes

Human Cognition and Usability of Tourism Portals This paper deals mainly with human cognition and usability aspects of e-commerce websites, specifically regarding tourism portals. In the last years tourism has risen to be one of the most advanced ...

37,40 EUR*
Details Visual Usability: Principles and Practices for Designing Digital Applications

Visual Usability Deals with the nitty-gritty of applying visual design principles to complex application design. This title helps you learn how to avoid common mistakes, make informed decisions about application design, and elevate the ordinary. Full ...

172,55 EUR*
Details Context-Aware Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing for Enhanced Usability: Adaptive Technologies and Applications (Premier Reference Source)

Context-aware Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing for Enhanced Usability Advances in mobile computing, wireless communications, mobile positioning, and sensor technologies have given rise to a class of context-aware mobile and ubiquitous applications ...

24,95 EUR*
Details A Game Design Vocabulary: Exploring the Foundational Principles Behind Good Game Design (Game Design/Usability)

Master the Principles and Vocabulary of Game Design Why aren't videogames getting better? Why does it feel like we're playing the same games, over and over again? Why aren't games helping us transform our lives, like great music, books, and movies do ...

76,03 EUR*
Details HDR Photo Pro 6.0

CD-ROMHat sich zum neuen Maßstab für faszinierende und professionelle HDR-Fotos etabliert. Zahlreiche Tests bestätigen die schlüssige Usability und dieherausragenden Ergebnisse. Die neue Version 6.0 bietet HDR auf höchstem Niveau für jeden ...

108,97 EUR*
Details XW-H3H7 CASIO DJ Kopfhörer

Headphones for on-the-go professional DJs and music enthusiasts that combine high audio fidelity with superb usability! Balanced, clear sound with nothing added and nothing left out XW-H headphones were designed by audiophiles to faithfully reproduce ...